About Us

The Stray Cat Gallery is an arm of the Dancing Cat Saloon and Catskill Distillery on Route 17B in Bethel, NY, a stone's throw from the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival. It showcases the formidable talents of a bevy of artists, with exhibits both inside and out. The restored building is a little piece of local history; Previously the Kootz family residence we believe it to be the first house built in the hamlet of Bethel and the Bethel one room schoolhouse was on the adjoining field.

Inside the charming, intimate space are photographs by Jerry Cohen, the Stray Cat Exclusive Photographer, Posters, Photographs and Books by our friend Elliott Landy, Renown Rock & Roll photographer who photographed the Woodstock Festival, the 60’s era and did the album covers for the Band and Bob Dylan, Jason Laure, also well known Rock & Roll Photographer who photographed the Woodstock Festival, Filmore East and the 60’s Large pieces on view outside and inside by Denis Folz, Tom Holmes, David Klass and Paul Stark. Roving pieces of work by Ray Fiero, Michael Bloom, John Adams, Charlie Dill, Evelyn (whose unique Cow Paintings grace the wall of the Dancing Cat Saloon) and many other local artists…. and by local , we include our wonderful and talented second home community along with our home grown artists! The Bio’s and the stories of the artists will be added to the site soon along with an online store on out Facebook Site https://www.facebook.com/StrayCatGallery Like our page now for an entertaining and informative resource!

The Stray Cat Gallery has some wonderful and creative ideas to add this year. We are a gallery in motion and much attention will be going into the project for 2016. We are adding a parking lot and we will be landscaping the outside space between the Gallery and the Victorian and will be hosting outdoor Fairs, Fashion Shows and Educational events. 2016 will be the year of the Stray Cat and Development of the Victorian next door. There will be Book, Poster and Art signings combined with History events about the original Woodstock Festival and many other interesting, fun and community minded projects being planned.

In 2016, we brought on a real stray cat - Cleopatra. She will be here working 24/7 ! We also have outside seating and a place to tie up Rover while you browse. The Gallery is open by Appt. only for the Winter, so call us if you would like to visit. All events will be on our E-Mail list, so sign up on line at http://www.Dancingcatsaloon.com so you will be in the know for what’s coming up. Our E-mail includes coming events for the Dancing Cat Saloon, The Catskill Distilling Company and the Stray Cat Gallery. E-mail info@Dancingcatsaloon.com for Feedback, Ideas, Questions or Appointments!


CLEOPATRA - The Actual Stray Cat

2032 State Rte 17B • Bethel, NY 12720 • info@dancingcatsaloon.com
Gallery hours: Hours by appointment only for Winter • Phone: 845/583-3141 ext. 101 • Text 845/796-8643